EP1: Don’t make stuff for hippies (Launch Week)

    <a href="https://build-launch.vercel.app">Build & Launch</a> is an experimental podcast about launching products. Every week, <a href="http://justinjackson.ca/about">Justin Jackson</a> takes you on a journey of shipping something new. You'll get to here about his missteps and wins as he creates something and then launches it to the public. Then you'll be able to check back the following week and hear about his launch stats: revenue, traffic, conversion rates, everything!

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For the podcast’s launch week, he’s doing 5 mini episodes on what it takes to build and launch a podcast. Today’s episode is about choosing a topic.

Launch week: How to make a podcast

Episode 1: Choosing a topic (today’s episode)
Episode 2: Record your first episode
Episode 3: Podcasting equipment
Episode 4: Recording, interviewing, editing
Episode 5: Launching and promoting

Show notes

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