Episode 4 of Build and Launch with Justin Jackson

EP4: How do you say creeper in French?

In this episode we hear what Justin’s family thinks about this crazy experiment. Also: why is Justin standing in a completely dark closet?

Launch stats

I promised that I’d share all my launch stats for each project I release.

So far, in the last 24 hours, here are the stats:

Question & Answer

  1. What do you use for podcasting stats + hosting? Simplecast.fm – they’re great!
  2. What do you use to record audio interviews over Skype? You can use Skype Call Recorder or Audio Hijack Pro. I use ScreenFlow, which is screencasting software, but it works really well for recording audio as well.
  3. Where do you get your theme music? You can get theme music from Premium Beat and Audio Jungle. I got my music from someone local.

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Launch week: How to make a podcast

  • Episode 1: Choosing a topic
  • Episode 2: Record your first episode
  • Episode 3: Podcasting equipment (yesterday’s episode)
  • Episode 4: Recording, interviewing, editing (this episode)
  • Episode 5: Launching and promoting

Show notes

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